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Credit Information

Volunteer Sign-Up Information
This year we will continue to use Sign-up Genius for all credit sign-up opportunities.  The link to a sign-up along with details will be emailed to you. 
Please ensure that you pay close attention to the date and time each sign-up will take place.
Anyone who signs up prior to the scheduled time will be removed from their spot(s).

Welcome new and returning members to Calgary Gymnastics Centre!  Here is some information to help guide you through your competitive year regarding our credit system.


The purpose of the credit system is to decrease your fees and increase access to the sport of gymnastics.  It is not a volunteer system; we value the work each member contributes at $50.00 per hour.  The credit system also assists in the administration and the running of the gym.  Everyone has the option of working for credits or buying them out as indicated in the contract each member has signed.


The formula used to determine credits for your contract is:

The number of training hours x 2.5 is equal to the number of credits required to work for or buyout.  The maximum number of credits each family needs to earn is 60 credits.   The monetary value for 1 credit hour equals $50.00


Example: 20 hours training x 2.5 = 50 credit hours @ $50.00 = $2500.00 off your fees.


Here are some principles that go with the credit system:


4 of the credits earned per family must come from cleaning or working at gymnastics competitions.


Credits cannot be:

  • transferred from one family to another
  • sold
  • carried year to year (we are a not for profit organization and balance our budgets to zero)


You may work for another athlete but you cannot give your previously earned credits to another person.  This is to help ensure we have enough volunteers for all our activities.


Credits can also be earned with $50.00 profit to the gym through fundraisers.  Example: if you donate $100.00 worth of goods to the silent auction but it only earns $50.00 in the auction you will earn 1 credit.


You will not be reimbursed for money spent on food but credits will be given for time it takes to purchase and deliver food items as well as 1 credit per $50.00 spent (receipts required).


If you do not complete the credits as per your contract you will receive an invoice for the balance owed at the end of each contract year with each credit being valued at $50.00


Each year in September there is an invitation issued to members to attend the credit meeting.  At this meeting we share educative information about the credit system and have opportunities for people who need 35+ credits to have their names put in for a draw for some major positions at the gym.


Coordinators from the past year are given first right of refusal to continue in their position.  If a coordinator position is vacant, the previous year’s assistant is given the opportunity to step into the coordinator role, if that person chooses not to take on the coordinator role; it then goes into the draw.  Assistant positions are also placed in to be drawn.  We ask members who qualify for the draw to place their name into drawn positions they would like to be considered for based on experience, interest and meeting job description requirements.


Some positions are appointed by leadership team, some are appointed due to known experience.  For example we would not be having someone take on the casino coordinator if they have no experience with coordinating a casino.


There are many and varied opportunities for earning credits.  Every year the board passes a credit budget which offers well over the number of credits required to be earned by the competitive members.  Please look for emails that will advise you of upcoming opportunities or in the Flipside to help you plan for options available to you.