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Unparented Classes (3 – 6.5 years)

Hot Shots (3 - 4.5 years)

This action packed class sets the stage for an active start, and a fun time. Through the use of exciting, theme oriented circuits, children will learn to become independent from their grownups. This challenging setting is a fantastic transition class, and will introduce many life skills; including, listening to directions, forming a line, taking turns and more. Proper gymnastics terminology will be taught as children learn the Skills of the Week. These will be taught and reviewed through the use of visual aids, songs, demonstrations and take home colouring sheets. In this class every child will achieve success no matter how small or large the discovery.


We encourage children that are new to the program an are 3 – 3 1/2 years old to try a Gym-A-Tot class first.


Duration:  1 hour (1 day/week);  Unparented class. 

KinderGym (4 - 6.5 years)
This program offers an advanced learning experience based on individual skill sets. Cardiovascular and muscular endurance, flexibility and strength are incorporated. Kindergym classes are working on all gymnastics events including vault, bars, beam, floor and trampoline. Curriculum based learning is taught through the use of a structured program and specific lesson plans.

The program will also assist your child to develop social skills, self-esteem, commitment and a sense of achievement in a fun, friendly and safe environment. Our creative classes will motivate the whole child to excel in the way they act, move, think and feel.


Duration:  1 hour (1 day/week);  Unparented class.
KinderAdventure (4 - 6.5 years)

Not sure which activity your child likes best? Can’t decide if your young athlete would rather bounce, jump, swing or twirl? This is the class for you! KinderAdventure will offer a variety of our favourite programs in one session. Following our introduction/safety day your child will have the opportunity to experience two classes each of KinderGym, KinderBounce, KinderRhythmic and KinderYogis.

Let your child go on an adventure in our gym!


Duration: 1 hour (1 day/week);  Unparented class. 

KinderNinjas (4 - 6.5 years)

This program introduces young boys to the fundamentals of gymnastics.

Your little Ninja will have an advanced learning experience. This all boys program will be working on all gymnastics events including vault, bars, beam, floor and trampoline. In addition, KinderNinjas will have the opportunity to play on some specific men’s apparatus which will support the development of strength, coordination and agility.

Duration:   1 hour (1 day/week);  Unparented class.

KinderCanGym (5 - 6.5 years)

This program introduces children to fitness and the fundamentals of gymnastics with an emphasis on developing advanced skills, form and technique. Each participant will be working on fundamental movement patterns of landings, locomotion, rotations, springs, statics and swings. Through our safe, fun and progressive classes each participant, based on their individual skill set, will develop strength, flexibility, balance, coordination and self-esteem.

Duration: 1 hour (1 day/week daytime)  1.5 hour (1 day/week evenings)